SIGA Pegs BCLC to Develop Saskatchewan Online Gaming Platform

The Saskatchewan Indian Gaming Authority (SIGA) has announced that they are partnering with the British Columbia Lottery Corporation, enabling BCLC to begin developing a website for SIGA’s online gaming platform.


It’s been a long time coming, but last September, the online gaming industry in Saskatchewan finally took form.

All Parties in Agreement

In September 2021, SIGA announced they would run a new online gaming site. Talks and conversations finally led them to an agreement with the Saskatchewan government as well as FSIN – one of Canada’s largest First Nations peoples– to move forward on this project to establish clear guidelines about how it will operate legally; including all related matters such financial transparency or addictiveness among others things!

The parties to this agreement comprised some exciting elements. For starters, the FSIN will receive 50% of revenue from gaming profits while Saskatchewan Government gets half–a fair share for all!

Gamblers can find various games on this site, from online casinos and sports betting to poker.

All Parties in Agreement

All Parties in Agreement

The government is confident that SaskGaming will do just as well with the gaming site. The IGMI platform was developed by an international team of experts who have decades’ worth of experience in online gambling and gaming technology, so it’s no surprise they were chosen to build this exciting new venture for customers all over Saskatchewan!

SIGA has signed an agreement with Sask Gaming to operate and manage the site.

The signing of this agreement is an important moment for First Nations in British Columbia. The additional revenue opportunities from online gaming and sports betting will only increase our ability as a nonprofit to positively impact employment, economic growth, positive community relations with other organizations within the province-and financial self-reliance.

The FSIN Chiefs-in Assembly authorized the project after years of working on this idea. “This will bring in new revenue opportunities that benefit our 74 First Nations communities,” said Chief Bobby Cameron, adding even during the COVID pandemic, they are continuing to work hard for all Indigenous peoples across Canada .


The new agreement was signed at the beginning of June, and it’s clear that BCLC is best suited for this project.

To ensure that they can provide their customers with a gaming platform tailored specifically for the needs of Saskatchewan residents, SIGA hosted an extensive open request for proposals and considered all viable options. The best turn-key online gaming portal option happened to be from BCLC, who will customize it according to t the specific preferences in Canada’s capital city ( LB ). It also offers different games than what is available on PlayNow because some people prefer one type over another depending upon how much time there has or if you’re looking forward to something more active like hockey betting – but no matter which way your cup runsnuch.

The BCLC team has a history of success with this project. They are already providing PlayNow, which offers casino games and live dealer game sessions at brick-and-mortar locations and online through an app store type service for clients who want to gamble Fully Responsible in Manitoba licensed premises all across Canada! The new platform will continue on those same principles but also include sports betting alongside your typical tabletop gaming options – it’s going to be awesome!! You can bet securely from anywhere thanks to GameSense’s responsible gambling program advisory system powered by Chatango, so there’ll always be someone available should you need help.

The President and CEO of SIGA, Zane Hansen, believes that the PlayNow platform will be able to seamlessly integrate current casino operations while providing customized services for players in Saskatchewan.

The goal is to launch the product by 2022.

” BCLC is proud to provide its industry-leading platform so that players in Saskatchewan have access not just the very best slots and casino games, but also a full suite of sports betting products.”

Revenue in Uncertain Times

The pandemic made it clear that land-based gambling was limited. When establishments shut down for months upon end, SIGA (the South African Government’s gaming authority) was one of many regulators around the world taking a closer look at internet gambling – but not before implementing strict regulations to protect consumers in their markets, too!

To stay competitive in the online gaming industry, Sigasa watched as other provinces expanded their options and quickly embraced single-event sports betting. Even further, it mustered up the courage to offer more gambling online with Ontario’s newly created competitive market. The province of Saskatchewan was not prepared for this kind of move but knew that if they wanted any chance at success, then maybe now is just what needs doing?

When SIGA first started the project, they thought it would cost 10 million dollars in development and launch costs. However, last year’s agreement between FSIN (Fédération des Sociétés d’Industrie)and the Saskatchewan government guaranteed 55 million in revenue for this new venture!

In most gaming markets, revenues quickly outweigh initial costs.