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            Austin International Poetry Festival (AIPF) has invited Stephen Gill,  Indo-Canadian poet of peace and social concerns, as a  featured guest  poet for its 10th festival to be held  from April 18 to April 21 in Austin, Texas. Several countries are expected to participate in 2002. Poets from Australia, Canada, England,   France, Germany, New Zealand, Morocco,  Porto Rico,  Singapore, and the United States  have already registered their names.

            Some government and  non government agencies  which are sponsoring the Austin International Poetry Festival  include the City of Austin,  Texas Commission on the Arts, and the Writers’ League of Texas. The festival is held across the city of Austin in galleries, book stores, coffee houses and meeting halls. The central meeting place for poets will be suite 119 at Austin Hotel, 1220 South Congress Avenue. The main purpose of the festival is “to bring together poets from diverse locals, cultures, ages, backgrounds, styles and stature to transcend boundaries and to foster tolerance, friendship and understanding through poetry,” says prominent poet and Venue Coordinator Stazja McFadyen.

            Dr. Stephen Gill was in Texas  in 1990  on a literary tour that  was sponsored by the Canada Council and Poetry in the Arts Inc. (Texas), represented by General Edmund and Peggy Zuleika, both renowned writers.   He   was surprised to notice literary activities  mushrooming  in Texas.  He was interviewed on radio stations,  autographed his books,  cut ribbons,  gave readings and talks at gatherings of poets,  universities,  colleges, the offices of book publishers, and presided a literary conference. “ These and other experiences are still fresh in the caves of my  memory, ” he says.

            Stephen Gill expects his visit in April 2002 to be more exciting and enriching.  He  plans to write a  travelogue  about this second  literary visit   after twelve years. He will carry special greetings for the organizers and poets from  the Mayor of Cornwall Mr. Brian Sylvester.


            Stephen Gill has authored more than twenty books, and his poetry and prose have appeared in more than three hundred publications. He has received honors from   national and international  organizations,  including two honourary doctorates.  Peace and social concerns are the main areas of his interest as a writer and speaker.


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