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April 25, 2006



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A paper on Stephen Gillís novel Immigrantwas presented at an internationalconferenceorganized by the British Association of Canadian Studies at New Hall of Cambridge University on April 19 inthe Literature Section. The conference was heldfrom April 19 to April 21. The paper was presented by Dr. Parameswari.


Dr. Parameswari is the head of Comparative Literature at Kamraj University of India. She is M.A. Ph.D., D.Lit. In English Literature and also a scholar of Canadian letters. She has written and published several scholarly papers in prestigious journals.


Immigrant, a novel,unfolds the life of a new Canadian from India. It is about his hopes,the fears and the struggle in Canada. The novel also gives an insight into the views immigrants hold of white people and vice versa.


Stephen Gill has been a focus of several such presentations in the past and also of scholarly studies. This is the first time that he has been the focus of attention in England. He has authored three novels and a collection of short stories. In addition to these books of fiction, he has authored three scholarly studies and several collections of poems. Apart fromthese and other books, he has written a number of articles about world peace. His prose and poems have appeared in more than five hundred publications. He is known primarily as a poet of peace.


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