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            Writer and poet Stephen Gill  was honoured lately with the Queen’s Golden Jubilee Medal. The medal commemorates the fiftieth  anniversary of Queen Elizabeth’s Accession to the throne.

            The medals were awarded to those persons who have made a significant contribution to Canada, to their community or to their fellow Canadians.  Congratulating Stephen Gill, Mr. John Cleary, the Member of the Ontario Parliament,   says in  a letter “well deserved honour.”  Mayor of the City of Cornwall (Ontario) Brian Sylvester,  says: “This recognition is well deserved and you have every right to be proud of your achievements.”

            Other  recognitions of Stephen Gill include two honorary doctorates and an offer for the third;  Laureate Man of Letters from United Poets Laureate International; Pegasus International Poetry for Peace Award from Poetry in the Arts, Inc., Texas, USA; Sahir Award of Honor  from Sahir Cultural Society, Panjab, India; and a Plaque from The World Council of Asian Churches (Canada).  His  poems have been  translated  and published in several  languages, and he  has  been  included  in  prestigious  national  and international who’s who titles. He is honorary editor and advisor to several  publications.

        Stephen Gill  has authored more than  twenty books, including collections of poems, literary criticism and fiction. His poetry and prose have appeared  in more than  three hundred and fifty publications. He has written book reviews,  research  papers, and  articles on  world peace. The main body of  his  works  is  in English. Once in a while, he writes  poetry in Urdu, Hindi and Panjabi. He is  a Government certified cultural interpreter  for Urdu and English.  He  has  translated  poems  of  others into Urdu, Hindi and Panjabi  languages  and  vice versa. He writes mostly about  Global  peace  and  social  concerns. 

            In addition to poetry,  he writes and lectures about the rights of minorities in the region of India and Pakistan. He believes that denial of  human  rights leads to tensions. Unnecessary tensions lead to insecurity and where there is no security there is no chance  for the beauty  of  prosperity  and peace to shine.  In  the absence of peace  and  prosperity, even  the majority suffers. The security of a nation or majority cannot last long if minority groups are insecure. He believes the problems of peace and prosperity  can be solved only through peaceful means.

       Stephen Gill  was born in the Panjab of  Pakistan where he passed the early years of his life and grew in India. He  lived  in Ethiopia and England for a while  before settling in Canada   about  forty  years ago. Stephen Gill  writes concisely, gracefully of commonplace things and contemporary concerns, suggesting thoughts and feelings of depth  without forcing  them  on the reader.”(The Ottawa Citizen).  “What is apparent in all of Stephen Gill’s  work is his generous use of imagery, the substance of all poetry to allow to comprehend the shadow, form and content inseparable as always but  in  a contemporary, un abstruse and most relevant fashion that remain timeless and universal.” (The Pilot).  “Stephen Gill expresses his thoughts and hopes for a peaceful and beautiful world,” (Books),  and the Expositor, a  daily Canadian  newspaper, says,  “Stephen Gill  builds  bridges  with  his books.” 


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