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September 19, 2006



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The editorial board of Christian Alliance magazine has unanimously approved the confirmation of Dr. Stephen Gill as a member of the editorial team. Its publisher and editor-in-chief Mr. Richard M. Onyebuwa says in his letter that  the appointment is “due to your wealth of experience, record of achievements and evidence of positive impact as a prolific writer.” He adds,  We are highly honoured to have you as part of our editorial team and as such, we are looking forward to greater success in the future.”


Christian Alliance magazine is a publication of Kingdom Star Communications, based in Lagos, Nigeria.


Dr. Stephen Gill, widely known for his poetry, prose and talks on world peace, is an accredited member and correspondent of the  Associated Church Press, established in 1916 in  the United  States of America. He is also  Dean of Peace Studies at St. Simon College of London, UK, formerly known as Marquess College.  He is honorary editor of several publications, including online Pakistan Christian Post, and Blitz from Bangladesh.


For more information and to have a taste of  poetry and prose of Stephen Gill, please visit his site listed below. In addition to his  poems and prose, the site has  a selection of a few critical articles on his works by others.  For music lovers,  the site has  songs. Three prominent performers from three nations  sing  here Stephen Gill’s  Urdu/Hindi poems on  peace.