María Cristina Azcona is an Educational Psychologist, poetess, novelist and peace researcher. Her articles, reviews, poems and short stories  are continuously published in many newspapers, magazines and anthologies around Argentina, UK, India, US, and other countries. Since 1980, she works as a psychotherapist specialized in Forensic Psycho diagnosis, listed by the American Biographical Institute (ABI) in their international directory “Experts & Expertise”. US.


She was born in Buenos Aires City, Argentina, where she lives joined to her family.  In 1998, she won First Prize in the poetry contest by the Academic Circle of Argentinean Writers. After she had been finalist in many contests of poetry by different literary institutions. She has written and published five books:

A peace poetry book called “Window to Heaven” published at India and two more poetry collections, “Dos Talles Menos de Cerebro” (1999) and “Mundo Postmoderno  (2000), both books fully illustrated by the author herself. A novel “La Voz del Ángel” (2002) and the essay, “Estar de Novios Hoy”, (2003), this one written jointly with her husband, Ernesto Castellano.


In 2000 she started to write bilingually, with a unique intention: to spread her peace ideals, worldwide. In 2001, she founded the nonprofit organization “Bilingual MCA” to promote bilingual literature for peace, and since then, she edits a philanthropic E-zine dedicated to the publication and promotion of exquisite peace poems by many bilingual poets, worldwide. She has organized several poetry readings by members of this institution, who came to visit her country to recite their poems.


Since 2002, she is Editorial Advisor for “The Taj Mahal Review”, a bimonthly literary journal devoted to arts, literature, poetry and culture, published by India.


During 2003 and 2004, she worked as a Bilingual Reviewer to Editorial El Ateneo and Director of Institutional Relations to the Argentine Center for Development of Writers. In 2004 she was selected as Director in Argentina for the International Forum for a Literature and a Culture of Peace (IFLAC). She directed several poetry contests in 2004 and 2005.


In 2005, she has been nominated as an honorary member of the Human Dignity and Humiliation Studies Columbia University Global Core Team, and their Education Team.


In 2005 also, she was nominated as Universal Peace Ambassador in the framework of the Universal Ambassadors Peace Circle, Switzerland. During the last years she has worked for UNESCO as peace researcher writer and at the same time, her literary work has been extensively published worldwide.


The Once Orange Badge Poetry Supplement, UK, published her poem “Family Abuse”.

Since 2004, her articles and poems about Peace can be read at the EOLSS Encyclopedia, edited jointly by UNESCO-EOLSS Joint Committee, UK.

In the United States of America, her bilingual poems and articles can be read at printed publications like Spirit Magazine, EAP Bulletin, Poesia and Poesia News, Latino Today, Meeting of the Minds Journal and Poetry Magazine. (US)


The Literary Journal Taj Mahal Review (every issue) and the anthologies: The Golden Wings, Voyages, Explorers, New Pegasus, The Still Horizon, Symphonies, Harvests of New Millennium, all by, feature her best poems, reviews and comments.


 Kabita Pakshik, Kolkata, India, has published her poetry in Bengali. Also in India, Leaves, The Mango Tree has published one of her articles and also her bilingual poetry.


 In Kerala, India and Jordan, her articles and poems have been published in several magazines and newspapers. Her articles, translations and poems are being published at other countries, like Norway, Romania, Greece and Brazil. She is usually invited to international congresses centered in Peace Literature.


Her books are available in  important libraries in Argentina, and on the Web.