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Ada Aharoni, writer, poet, playwright and lecturer, was born in Cairo, Egypt, and now lives in Haifa, Israel. She has published 25 books to date, that have won her several international prizes. She writes in  English and Hebrew, and her works have been translated into several languages. Believing in the power of the word, she is confident that literature and culture can help to heal the urgent ailments of our global village, such as war, terror and conflict. The themes of love, reconciliation, coexistence and peace, as well as equality of women, are major ones throughout her various works.


Ada Aharoni received her Bachelor Degree (B.A) in Literature and Sociology, at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem (1965), her Master of Philosophy Degree (M.Phil.), at London University (1967), on the “Father of the Novel” Henry Fielding, and she was awarded her Doctorate Degree in Literature (Ph.D), on the Nobel Prize Laureate in Literature - Saul Bellow, at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem (1975). She lectured in the Department of English Literature at Haifa University and the University of Pennsylvania, and taught Sociology (Conflict Resolution), in the department of Humanities, at the Technion (Israel Institute of Technology), in Haifa.


She has been widely invited as Keynote Presenter and Visiting Professor at many universities and other forums around the world, where she lectures on her research and on her various books, and about the possibilities of “Conflict Resolution Through Literature and Culture.” Her latest presentations on this subject was at the 36th World Congress of the International Institute of Sociology (July 7-11, 2004, Beijing, China, and at the Inter–State Parliament in Palermo, Italy, in September 2006). She was also Keynote Speaker at a Conference in Istanbul, Turkey,  in July 2007, on: Globalisation For The Common Good , where she lectured  on: GLOBAL MULTICULTURALISM VERSUS THE “WAR OF CULTURES”.And in September 2007, she was Guest Poet, at the International Peace Poetry Festival in Paris, where she presented her Poetry Book: YOU AND I CAN CHANGE THE WORLD.


She has widely researched this subject, and has been interviewed on it as well as on her books, in the media and major Television and Radio Programs, in several countries, including: Italy, Israel, America, England, France, Australia, Egypt, Jordan, Turkey, China, Finland, Japan, Korea, India, Mexico and South Africa.


Among her major works are: the historical novel, The Second Exodus (1983), that describes in literary form the forced exile of the Jews from Egypt in the twentieth century, which she and her family were part of.  Her second book: Memoirs from Alexandria, (1985), relates the story of of the Jewish Hospital in Alexandria, and the heroic deeds of its Head Nurse, Thea Wolf, who saved hundreds of Jews from the Nazi Holocaust, through the Hospital, together with the help of Egyptian officials. Aharoni’s acclaimed historical novel From The Nile to The Jordan, was first published in 1994; it was translated into several languages, and was awarded the “Haifa and Bremen Award” and the “Merit Prize” in New York. In 1996 she published The Peace Flower, a moving quest for hope and world peace, for young and old. Her latest books: Not In Vain: An Extraordinary Life (Ladybug Press, CA.. 1999), a larger edition of Memoirs from Alexandria, and her important and timely Women Creating A World Beyond War and Violence (2002), contain both prose and poetry. Four of her books have been recently published as E-Books as well as CD’s (Rowe Publishing, England). Her poetry collection: “A Green Week” has been put to music, and is sung by major Israeli and American singers, it has been released as a CD, which together with Aharoni’s books, can be ordered through the following website: in conjunction with


 Among Aharoni’s published books are: novels, biographies, and poetry collections, such as From The Pyramids to Mount Carmel, in English, French, Hebrew, Arabic and Chinese. A Bilingual collection of her “Selected Poems,” in English and Chinese, has been published in Hong Kong (The Milky Way Publishing Company, 2002). In addition, her poems have also been translated and published in journals in several other languages, including: Swedish, Norwegian, Spanish, Italian, Greek, Japanese, Korean, German, Gujarati, and Bengali.  She has published two books of translations of the Israeli poet: Shin Shalom, and other major classical Israeli poets, including: Rachel, Leah Goldberg, Yehuda Amichai, and Amir Gilboa. Her latest two collections of poetry: You and I Can Change The World (2000), and The Pomegranate (2002), hail the new millennium as one in which, according to her: “A world beyond war can indeed be created, if humankind begin to listen to writers and poets for a change.”


Aharoni is the Editor-in-Chief of the Anthology: A Song to Life and to World Peace (2003), which is widely used as a Textbook in Univerisites and colleges, as well as of the Anthology: Waves of Peace (1997), dedicated to the memory of Yitzhak Rabin. She is also the founder and editor of the Literary Magazine Galim: Waves (1987- 2004), and the online journal Horizon: Pave Peace. She is the founder and editor of Lirit: Poetry Israel, the online magazine of the Hebrew Writers Association, featuring major Israeli poets in English translation.  She is as well an Editor for the UNESCO EOLSS Encyclopedia (2004 – 2005), and is in charge of the section on: Non Violence, Peace Building,  Peace Culture, and Peace Through Literature.  Her important and innovative research entitled: “A New Peace Culture Required for Sustainable Global Development,” was published in the UNESCO Encyclopedia of Life Support Systems: “OUR FRAGILE WORLD: Challenges and Opportunities for Sustainable Development” (2001 EOLSS Publishers Co. Ltd., pp. 917 – 934).


She is the Vice President of the Hebrew Writers  Asscociation in Israel, and the Head of its Foreign Relations committee.  She initiated, organized and presided at its important Conference in Tel Aviv, on “Bridges of Understanding through Literature,” which was attended by both Jewish and Arab writers (on September 6, 2004). 


Aharoni is the founder and international president of IFLAC: PAVE PEACE, the International Forum for the Literature and Culture of Peace (established in 1999 – website: ). She chaired its founding congress "The International Congress on Conflict Resolution Through Culture and Literature," in the Galilee (June 1999), the second one, in Sydney Australia (2001), and the third one in London, England (2002). The latest IFLAC Conference was in Bursa, Turkey, from 9-11 October, 2003. It was opened by the Minister of Culture of Turkey, and the Minister of Religion. The Iflac conferences brought together researchers, writers, poets, media, educationalists and diplomats, from twenty five countries, many from conflicted areas, like Israel and Palestine, India and Pakistan, Turkey and Greece - for the bridging of cultural bridges of understanding and respect and the paving of peace between people and  nations.


 Aharoni is also President of the World Congress of Poets XIII (Haifa, Israel, 1992), and convener of the PCC "Pave Peace Through Culture and Communications" commission of IPRA: the International Peace Research Association (1996-2005). She was co-founder of The Bridge: Jewish and Arab Women for Peace in the Middle East (1977 – 1999), in 1999, The Bridge, joined IFLAC, and it  now functions as its women’s wing.


Her latest project is the founding and organizing of the FIRST WORLD CONGRESS OF JEWS FROM EGYPT, together with a group of researchers and writers on the Jews from Egypt in the twentieth century. The Congress will take place in Haifa, from May 9 to 12, 2006.


 Aharoni has been awarded several international prizes and awards, among them are: The British Council Award, the Keren Amos President Award, the Haifa and Bremen Prize, The World Academy of Arts and Culture Award, the Korean Gold Crown of World Poets Award, the Rachel Prize, and  the  Merit Award of the HSJE: The Historical Society of the Jews from Egypt,  for her "devoted and unmatched efforts in researching the history and culture of the Jews from Egypt, and to promote visionary literature and poetry proclaiming peace in the world."  In 1998, she was elected one of the hundred “World Heroines,” in Rochester, New York, for her “outstanding literary works for the promotion of women and peace.”  


Ada Aharoni lives on beautiful Mount Carmel in Haifa, where she has dedicated her life to the creation of a peaceful Israel and Middle East and a better world beyond war, through her writings and her wide activities, and the promotion of bridges of multi-culture, peace and understanding.



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ISBN 962-475-288-5.


·       Articles and Interviews: A hundred and twelve of Ada Aharoni's articles were published in professional journals and magazines, from 1967 - 2005. She was interviewed on numerous media interviews in international media (1980 - 2005).


Ada Aharoni’s poems were put to music by Robert Nissenson, and Yigal Alfassi. They are sung by Revital Levanon and Anat Yagen and other singers, on  the disc “A Green Week” and other discs, and played on radio and TV (1999-2003).


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