Nikola Dimitrov

Nikola Dimitrov was born in 1974 in the city of Sofia, Bulgaria, and graduated from a professional English Language school in Bourgas city. He also studied marketing and management in Bourgas Free University. In 1992, Nikola accepted Jesus Christ and since then he is serving the Lord as a full time minister.  From 1994 till 1998,  Nikola served  as the senior pastor of “Righteousness, Peace and Joy” Church in Bourgas city, a Church that now continues it’s work and mission under the newly appointed by Nikola pastor – Hristo Kunev.


In 1998, Nikola married beautiful Helen. They have two baby girls – Ani – 9 years, and Mikaela – 9 years of age. In 2000, he met  a Gypsy pastor, leader and reformer from Stara Zagora city, and since then, Nikola and family are serving together with him for  the Gypsy revival, reformation, transformation and integration into society.


At present, Nikola is the director of the Media ministry ( and  editor-in-chief of the Roma Destiny National Media in Bulgaria.  He is the main translator and assistant of a church (,  a member of “Love Bridge – Bulgaria” Foundation (, and a board member of eBlessings, a Non-Profit Corporation based in stone Mountain, Georgia, USA – a network of members  in more than 60 nations ( Mr. James Allen is the founder and president of eBlessings.


Nikola also owns his own Publishing House in Bulgaria, focusing on publishing sound theological materials in Bulgarian and English and children’s materials. In the area of children’s materials, Nikola is the official translator of Bible For Children – A Canadian based Non Profit Organization that offers more than 60 children Bible stories ( The direct link for the Bulgarian section:


Nikola is also an ordained minister of Living Faith Ministry International – A Tel Aviv headquartered ministry of the Late Rt. Rev. Dr. Rami Ben Ari Th.D. Nikola has authored three books:


*The Four in One Gospel of JESUS

* Forgetting the Things Behind

*The Image of GOD


He has also authored several articles and more than 50 devotionals. Nikola is translating an average of 5000 pages a year. He has translated more than 300 CDs, DVDs and Video tapes for  different authors, preachers, teachers and motivational speakers and businessmen.


You can contact Nikola in the following ways:

Nikola and Helen Dimitrov

Metamorphu Publishing House

Bethel Publishing House, Life in Glory church

In depth Media Ministry, Love Bridge – Bulgaria Foundation

eBlessings Non-Profit Corporation



(Email of James Allen –

Tel: 00359 899 910 695


Skype: nikihelen


The Four in One Gospel of JESUS has the Four Gospels contextually interlaced in chronological order. This eight-year study  is blended in concise, comprehensive, and chronological order. 336 pages, ISBN: 1-4196-4680-X


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