Karen has over thirty professional years of experience as a ghost writer, rewriter, copy editor and proof reader of book manuscripts, and she has performed many other types of freelance and contracted writing jobs. She has a combined degree in journalism, creative writing and the fine arts, and has been creating and editing books, documents and papers for people since well before 1980.


She has worked on some 150 books over her lifetime, ghost writing, rewriting, copy editing and proof reading for book authors. She usually takes credit as the “editor” when she ghost writes or copy edits,  and her  fees are lower than industry standard rates. 

Karen has won awards for her journalism, poetry, short stories and articles. She is multiply published and has had her own novels, novellas, short stories and scripts published and turned into screenplays and movies. Currently, she is adapting and working on “The Rainbow Horizon,” a humorous fiction novel set in a small town in
Washington State. She has also contributed to national and international magazines and newspapers, as well as a multitude of online publications.

Karen is also a web developer and heads

RAINBOW WRITING, INC. ( www.rainbowriting.com), and RWI that offers links exchange services and many free professional services, as well as graphics and CAD - and some publishing assistance for a fee.